Joe Ray

Software and Infrastructure Development.

About me

I am a software and infrastructure developer with over ten years experience working with web technologies. I do DevOps.

I use Python, relational and NoSQL data stores, HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript to create testable, scalable web solutions. I also use Puppet, Docker and Ansible to configure GNU/Linux, nginx and Varnish to serve them, and deploy to public cloud platforms (AWS, DigitalOcean).




Worker for ThoughtWorks as an Infrastructure Developer consultant. DevOps advocate for multiple clients including projects with government, maintaining a complex microservices architecture employing multiple cloud providers and lots of public key cryptography, and a large academic journal publisher, rewriting their primary site and migrating to AWS.


Responsible for development of a lightweight custom PHP service fronted by Varnish to serve high volume traffic. Introduced PHPUnit-based unit testing including running tests and static analysis tools using a Jenkins project and created a monitoring dashboard system using Dashing.

Built with a CakePHP back-end and a custom PHP front-end coupled with Memcached to serve the millions of visitors that the world's number one cycling website receives at peak times.

I implemented a live reporting tool using nginx to power a desktop, mobile and tablet front-end written in JavaScript using long-polling techniques for responsiveness.

The UK's number one cycling website built on a custom PHP platform. I implemented an A/B testing framework using Redis and introduced Vagrant-based virtual machines backed by a Puppet configuration used in production.

Involved in a rewrite using CakePHP backed by MongoDB and oversaw the beginnings of a redesign including architecting the JavaScript using Backbone.js to interact with a RESTful API.

Contact Me

I love a good conversation! E-mail me (encrypted if you want) or find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub.