Joe Ray

Principal Engineer

PGP Keys with a Yubikey and GPGTools

I finally got around to getting a Yubikey NEO last week and along with setting it up for 2FA for some of my online accounts, I took the opportunity to generate a new PGP key.

I mostly followed Simon Josefsson’s excellent post on the subject and ended up with a new private key and set of subkeys.

The one snag I had was getting it to work with GPGTools for Mac OSX – I kept getting the message “card error” when trying to access it. I upgraded to the latest version (with GPG 2.0.30) today and it seemed to work, though I also noticed you can’t use the Yubico Authenticator at the same time as using the GPG tool so that may have explained my problems.

My new key ID is 804EFECC, a copy of which can be found here and on

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